Handmade 'Dribana' Bandana Dribble Bib 'Cup Cakes'


Handmade Dribble Bibs!

These gorgeous handmade bandana style bibs are perfect for catching your baby's dribble! Bibs from SpookShowAngel have all been designed and handmade by us personally to ensure you get the best quality possible! The dribble bib is made from polycotton material on the front with 100% cotton toweling on the back to ensure it is soft against precious skin. SpookShowAngel has chosen corresponding coloured toweling to compliment the beautiful patterns. Each handmade bib from SpookShowAngel also has a nickel free popper on the back to eliminate the risk of irritability. SpookShowAngel's handmade bibs are fully machine washable too! All bibs are approx 12-14 inches across but can be tailored to your specific needs if required! Dribanas are exclusive to SpookShowAngel!

  • Handmade Bandana Dribble Bib
  • Pink Backing!
  • Have Your Cake And It Eat It!
  • A SpookShowAngel Dribana

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