Handmade Tie-Dyed Baby Scratch Mitts


Protect Delicate Faces Uniquely!

To complete any outfit, these gorgeous handmade scratch mitts have been tie-dyed. Scratch mitts from SpookShowAngel are all 100% cotton and have been colour fixed to prevent running. Our handmade tie-dyed baby scratch mitts are perfect for little hands and are available in 6 different colour choices. Treat your little one to something unique! Please note that as these are handmade by SpookShowAngel, patterns and shades may vary from the photographs

  • Handmade tie-dye
  • 6 different colours
  • Perfect gift!

SpookShowAngel offers you a rainbow of handmade tie-dyed baby sleepsuits and tie-dyed baby vests to compliment your SpookShowAngel scratch mitts!

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