Handmade Crystal Necklaces


Exclusive To SpookShowAngel!

We have taken some fabulous crystals and created a wonderful collection of handmade necklaces. Each stone has been specifically chosen for size, shape and colour to ensure that you have the best handmade pendant possible! These handmade necklaces are exclusively made by our in house designer, and are only available direct from SpookShowAngel. Unlike cages which stones can easily fall out of, each stone has been wrapped in silver plated wire to ensure a snug fit. Hand-strung and ready to wear, these handmade necklaces from SpookShowAngel come on fully adjustable 2mm thick black waxed cotton thong. Each crystal necklace measures 3.5-4.5cm approx in length and come with their own gift bag. We currently have 10 different stones to choose from: Citrine, Hematite, Clear quartz, Rose quartz, Amethyst, Tiger’s eye, red Jasper, yellow Jasper, green Jasper or picture Jasper. Please note that as these are all unique, items may vary slightly in colour and shape from photographs

  • Citrine attracts abundance and fortune
  • Hematite brings confidence and willpower
  • Clear quartz clarifies and magnifies
  • Rose quartz promotes love and healing
  • Amethyst protects and calms
  • Tiger’s eye carries strength and protection
  • Red Jasper grounds and brings courage
  • Yellow Jasper energises and heals
  • Green Jasper calms and brings control
  • Picture Jasper strengthens and comforts

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