About Us

SpookShowAngel is a business of two halves.

Firstly, we offer those of you with small people in your lives the chance to buy something unusual for them. SpookShowAngel design and hand knit jumpers that are exclusive to us as well as some other styles. SpookShowAngel also hand make other alternative children's clothing that enables your child to not be one of the crowd! SpookShowAngel also design personalised baby jumpers and blankets and offer gifts for your small one that encompass the alternative. All children's products have been tried and tested on our own children, and would like parents to feel confident in buying from other parents who *really do know what they are talking about!

Secondly, SpookShowAngel offer a stunning range of polished and natural crystals , divination tools, handmade jewellery, 925 silver jewellery and fabulous pagan gifts for those of you that really do want something different to all the high street same old.

Both halves of SpookShowAngel complement each other perfectly, whilst allowing you to induldge in either or both comfortably.

SpookShowAngel also feature other local designers, all of whom fit in to our same views.

The business started as a result of the founder wanting something different for her daughters- after having 3, buying the same old boring pink had become rather tedious! We also wanted something that wasn't something anyone else had, and out of that, our original jumpers were born. As working parents, our business offers us the personal liberty of showing our children that you truly can do anything your heart desires. (Our children also have a great deal of input in generating new ideas for new products!).

Having been brought up with the alternative lifestyle, seeing both the positive and negative, it is fundamentaly important for SpookShowAngel to remain grounded in all we do. Family members are very well established as some of the leading names within the new age lifestyle, but we are determined to not run off the back of them, but indeed make it on our own- and this is where you come in. Please ask any questions you like, and please recommend SpookShowAngel to anyone you feel may be interested in the alternative side of life

You can keep up-to-date with all of SpookShowAngel's news, ideas, projects and much much more by reading our blog and sign up to our news letter, facebook page or follow us on twitter for exclusive offers and promotions.

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