Handmade Breast Feeding Reminder Bracelet


Handmade Breast Feeding Reminder Bracelet!

Any new mum can relate to thinking "what side do I feed from next?" when trying to breastfeed their baby. As mum to a newborn myself, this thought constantly goes through my mind! So SpookShowAngel has come up with the perfect solution that will help aid even the most sleep-deprived mind. These handy breast feeding reminder bracelets have been exclusively designed by SpookShowAngel to fit snuggle to your wrist so little fingers can't grab hold of so easily. They are approx 6.5 inches radius and are elasticated for quick and easy switch over. Each bracelet is made in neutral colours, so discretely go with any outfit. Here at SpookShowAngel, we have found these invaluable and a must for any breast feeding mummy. Great as a gift or perfect to treat yourself! To use, simply slip on to the opposite wrist at the end of each feed.

  • Handmade Breast Feeding Reminder Bracelet
  • Neutral Colours
  • Snug Fit To Hide Away From Little Fingers!
  • A SpookShowAngel Exclusive

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