Handmade Baby Loopy Comforter 'Union Jacks'


Exclusive To SpookShowAngel!

This beautiful handmade Loopy comforter makes a gorgeous gift for any new baby! Comforters from SpookShowAngel have been exclusively designed and handmade by our very own hands! Babies love holding onto labels, loops and tags to self-comfort, especially when feeding or trying to sleep (our own Spooky Kid was never seen without hers!). Each comforter has 20 ribbons attached to it, perfect for small hands. These beautiful handmade comforters are made from 100% cotton on the front and 100% fleece in a corresponding colour on the back, so are soft on your baby's skin. These handmade Loopy comforters from SpookShowAngel are all individual so each one is slightly different.

  • Handmade Baby Comforter
  • 20 Labels/Tags/Loops
  • Comforter approx 37cm by 37cm!
  • A SpookShowAngel Loopy!

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