Back in Business October 03 2012

After losing our son in August, our world was turned upside down and work was put on hold. I would like to thank you all for your tremendous support over the last 8 weeks and am pleased to announce that we are very much back in business! We are purely focusing at online sales and are looking to do some local shows rather than the market now. Due to the impending cold weather and the decline of the market of late, I have thought long and hard about stopping it and the final choice was made as we are also very pleased to announce we are expecting another wee Spooky Kid on May Day 2013! As you can appreciate, with our recent news, this is a little miracle and i don't want to risk anything by lugging heavy boxes and putting a stall together every week! If you need to contact us about local orders, please feel free to email me! Please don't forget to spread the word of and thank you for your fabulous support!