Testimonials April 13 2012

SpookShowAngel would love to invite you to leave us a testimonial of both our products and services! We have been contacted by so many of you to ask if there is somewhere you can 'rate' your experience with us, so let's create a space!

We already have a testimonial page which we add all of your lovely emails and comments left via our facebook page but it has been suggested that you would like to have the option to leave them directly on our lovely website!

If you would like to leave us one, please leave a comment under this blog and if we add it to our testimonial page we will send you an exclusive code that will entitle you to 20% off our store (email address obviously required for this!). We also welcome you to drop us a line at any point to let us know how we're getting on, as comments by our fabulous customers really do get digested and help us to grow!

We look forward to hearing all your reviews!