Love is in the air.... January 29 2012

We've been racking our brains to bring you some glorious Valentine's treats and we think we've hit the spot! Everybody knows rose quartz is the ultimate stone of love, but did you know others such as opal, rutilated quartz and moonstone are also associated with luuurve?! For Rose quartz ideas, check out these fabulous items which range from natural pieces, polished pieces, jewellery and gifts for romantic inspiration!

However, if passion fits your valentine plans more, then indulge with stunning garnet, rhondite or our personal favourite- ruby!

We've gone a little ott on love hearts by bringing you crystal hearts, heart shaped jewellery, heart shaped gifts and even hearts on hand knitted jumpers! For those of you wanting a little romance, we have romantic incense and for those wanting to share the love SpookShowAngel's Little Bag Of Love.

We're so full of love love love we just want to share and hope you deeply love our fabulous loving range! (Ok, may be a tad ott here!). It also happens to be our third wedding anniversary on Valentine's day (yeah, yeah how corny!), and the modern 3rd gift is crystal (rather lucky as the traditional leather doth not go down well with a vegetarian!), so Mrs Spooks will be giving Mr Spooks a great big fat rose quartz heart and maybe even a piece of moonstone to see if he gets the hint! (Traditionally associated with fertility!)

Love is in the air, everywhere I look around....