Handmade Heaven! January 24 2012

Finally we have launched a whole heap of new products for the great British public! Have you heard of sock monkeys? A wonderful craze of children's toys literally made out of a pair of socks. Well, SpookShowAngel has launched our very own alternative handmade sock monkeys! and slightly more mainstream handmade sock monkeys! We've had them over on our facebook page to test them out pre-launch and they've gone down a storm! We've been getting some FABULOUS feedback from you and are so pleased you are enjoying them! SpookShowAngel hand makes these gorgeous monkeys and we have decided to keep each one as limited edition, so they really are a 'grab them whilst you can'!


So in a week of lots of hand making, we've barely had time to breathe! As usual, any feedback to any of our products (especially those SpookShowAngel hand makes!) is always gratefully welcome! Enjoy them, share them, pass them on!