world wide dreams January 15 2012

Blimey, well SpookShowAngel finally launched onto the world wide web! Our gorgeous new website has taken so long to put together but we're so confident that you'll agree it is SO worth it! Big thanks to my lovely friend and fabulous web designer The Tall Designer and his lovely wife CharleeSays who held our hand steadily through the whole process and together we have produced such a treat of a site!

We had so many people telling us how easy it would be to set up a site on our own but we officially poo poo that idea, and am glad to have done. Seriously guys the amount of hard work to get a fabulous site up and running is vastly underestimated. From this end, we were doing 70+ hours a week, and we know Miles and Charlee were doing crazy hours too. And, to be honest, it shows. When we look at, the professionalism involved shines through, and that is what we wanted. Yes sure you could set up a quick 'make your own' site, but personally, I think it shows (don't shoot me, tis just my personal opinion!).

So now comes the task of promoting. Hard. Once again I find us jumping into unknown territory and finding the need to be essentially 'pushy' is very necessary. One of the behind the scenes things you do on a website is monitor your traffic (a way to tell how people find you on the www). Yesterday, after spending a little bit of time on our facebook page alone, our sales quickly went up to the highest amount in one day yet! AND it was Friday 13th!! Btw, you can join us on facebook too!

We've also got ourselves linked up to Twitter and are encouraging people to 'follow' us (although I still feel that sounds incredibly pretentious!). Not so good at twitter yet but pretty sure will figure that one out fairly soon.

So our extra task for this week is to find all social and blogging sites and GET SPOOKSHOWANGEL OUT THERE! Any help, suggestions or info you would like to throw at us would be very gratefully received!