Google recognises SpookShowAngel! January 08 2012

One of the many tedious things we have to do here behind the scenes at SpookShowAngel is register all our products with google. This is so when you, the great Spooky public go product searching, up we should pop. So we've been testing out our items to see if google product search works and it really does! Hoorah! For instance, if you type in 'hand knitted pentacle jumper' under google shopping SpookShowAngel's pentacle jumpers come up first (and only!) product- we told you they were unique and exclusive to us! Likewise, SpookShowAngel's hand knitted heart jumpers also come up first. This is a massive rush to SpookShowAngel and it just goes to show all out hard work has paid off!


Still in the spirit of January, we are in full swing of our January sale. To claim a massive 20% off ALL items, quote 'new year' at the final stage of your order (don't fear, you will be prompted!). This is an open code so feel free to use it over and over again! Wonderful!