Tis the season to be jolly... December 19 2011

As the climax of the festive season fasts approaches us, one can't but help be swept up by all the franticness along the way! Here at SpookShowAngel, we have had a sudden influx of custom orders, which is fabulous but also makes for hard work! A lot of our requests have come via SpookShowAngel's facebook page which is wonderful and shows to us the power of social networks! Although we have completed countless gifts, we still have one custom heart jumper, one personalised name jumper and two custom blankets left to make. By Wednesday. This week. Yes, that's two days. Oh dear! Never let it be said SpookShowAngel is afraid of the hard graft!

For those of you who didn't know, SpookShowAngel works very closely with local Brightonian charity fundraisers Eva and Jo, who are the face of H Fundraising. H Fundraising was set up with two goals in mind- firstly to raise money and awareness of charities that wouldn't necessarily be in the 'spotlight' and secondly to raise Joe Public's view of mediumship. Money is raised by means of a mediumship demonstration (of which fabulous local mediums kindly donate their time) and SpookShowAngel also provides a small stall of which all monies raised (yup, not just profit) goes towards whichever charity is chosen. H Fundraising do not take a single penny for themselves as every single penny goes directly to the charity chosen. So far, money has been raised for South East Indian Community Trust and local HIV specialist charity- The Sussex Beacon. SpookShow is joining forces with H Fundraising again to hold another event around Easter time, so keep your eyes peeled on here and in places such as The Argus for more details.

We've currently been spending the week uploading our products on to google. Wow that was tedious but has to be done! We will be working one more market this month on Christmas eve at Upper Gardner Street Market and will spend the rest of the year online, getting this site tip top for you!

SpookShowAngel is currently putting together a list of ideas for new pages on here, to include a crystal of the month and a gallery of all of your photos you send us! If you have any ideas for what you'd like to see, throw your comments our way!

So we wish you a wonderful yule and a very merry Christmas and wonder just how much love is going around (product of the week for us?!- the little bag of love just don't go giving it out under the mistletoe!). Enjoy the festivities!