First week on the web: done! December 11 2011

So, here we are one week later of launching our brand spanking new SpookShowAngel website. We've received some fabulous feedback off you and are putting it to good use- so keep it coming please!

Last Saturday we took the day off from our usual spot at Upper Gardner Street market to focus on getting more web work done. This week we were duly put in our place for not being there (it was actually quite a little boost on the old ego to have so many of our customers saying they were disappointed not to see us there!). So we have decided a most fabulous way to keep up-to-date at places you can come and visit us is to feature a diary page. You can access this from any page on our website by looking in the green box at the bottom. We will endeavour to keep this updated monthly, if not more.

We've noticed that the last 3 dates we've worked we have completely sold out of nag champa fortune incense sticks. What always strikes me as spooky is how we can sell out of a certain item one week when it usually is a steady seller. Is there something in the air, or are people just hoping for good fortune at the moment? Curious!

Sunday we were at our regular spot at Freedom Festival's Hawth show in Crawley. Albeit a very quiet day it was wonderful to see and catch up with so many of our regulars! It was also brilliant to be working along side two of SpookShowAngel's favourite exhibitors- Slippery Jacks and John Wakefield. Slippery Jacks host some wonderful creative talent, and the artwork on display here is really something to treasure. SpookShowAngel can highly recommend a visit to Slippery Jacks if you're in search of an alternative but gorgeous gift. John Wakefield is officially SpookShowAngel's favourite artist and our headquarters is covered in his artwork! Aside from being an all-round nice guy, John produces some seriously breath-taking pieces of work. Have a look at John Wakefield's site and we're sure you'll fall in love, just like us. His wonderful pictures are never ending and you can always discover more features *every time you look at one. Pity the fool who misses out on checking both of these wonderful websites! 

Actually setting up shop on line has proven to be a much harder job than we anticipated. So much work goes into every detail and behind the scenes, it can feel never ending! SpookShowAngel has been working very closely with our fabulous friend and web designer The Tall Designer to bring *you, our customers, a website that is as stunning as this one (btw, if *you* want a web designer yourself, don't bother faffing around- we can and do recommend The Tall Designer to do a wonderful, professional job specifically for you!). We are all working day and night, and living off a diet of coffee and um, coffee, to make sure everything is perfect! There is still oh so much to go, but we're getting there!

We are thrilled with all of your testimonials and invite you to keep sending them to us. SpookShowAngel is also working to set up a gallery in which we can place all the lovely photos you have sent us alongside these testimonials. As a thank you, SpookShowAngel will offer you a 20% discount for any testimonials/pictures used that you send us. Contact us at to give us yours!

We also sent out a special thank you email to all those who have joined our mailing list, so remember to use your code for 20% by 14th December 2011! As promised, SpookShowAngel will *only send you relevant emails offering you promotions or notifying you of wonderful new stock. We will not pass your details on to anybody. SpookShowAngel appreciates you trusting us with your details, and indeed your loyalty and we fully understand how annoying it is when people break these. You can also follow us on twitter or join us on facebook to receive exclusive news and promos!

Don't forget, there is still time to order from SpookShowAngel in time for Christmas. So far, we have been able to process and send out all orders on the same day as receiving, and we will endeavour to do this as much as we can. Royal mail suggests 20th December as the last date to guarantee in time, but we would recommend you placing your order sooner, rather than later!