dive into unknown territory... August 11 2011

Let me tell you the intentions of SpookShowAngel's blog to ease us all in gently-

  • We want to bring the human side of the business to life- to show you the workings behind SpookShowAngel and to explore new territories with you.
  • We would also like to put forward to you fab SpookShowAngel ideas and share with you other things we come across that we think of interest.
  • We want to keep this light, but sensible. Factual but human. Informative but funny.
  • You will see our personalities ripple gently through the blog and can use this as a base to throw any questions, comments, ideas etc at us.
  • We endeavour to keep the blog clean and spam free and will encourage you to read at your own pace.
  • Although the blog will mention the products that SpookShowAngel both sell and create, we don't want to be all about the sale- the line of business we are in goes much much further than that. Rest assured we won't be blogging about what we have to eat, how long the school run took etc, but we'll be (hopefully!!) delivering you an interesting (and possibly humorous) read!

So, welcome to our blog. We invite you to learn about the business and the team behind SpookShowAngel, and hopefully get to know our fabulous customers too, who after all, are the important guys ;-)